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Hola viaggiatori! Siamo da poco rientrati dal nostro viaggio on the road dell’Andalucia, in Spagna, di cui vi stiamo parlando abbondantemente qui sul blog.

Nel frattempo però, vogliamo pubblicare un post ospite, scritto dal nostro amico Frank Lee, che parla proprio di Andalucia. Il suo è un giro un pò diverso dal nostro, quindi è bello confrontarsi con chi si è immerso nelle stesse atmosfere ma ha fatto scelte diverse di viaggio.

L’articolo è in inglese, ma siamo certi che dei viaggiatori come voi, non avranno nessun problema con la lingua. 

Spain is one of the countries of the world which have a long and rich history and has left a great impact on the history of the entire human race. In fact, the story of Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the new world is a direct result of the involvement of the Spanish royalty. The fact that Spanish is the national language in 20 countries is a proof of the influence which Spain has had at one time. This leaves no doubt that Spain is a remarkableplace to go on avisit. One of the best places to go to in Spain is Andalusia.

There are many old places in Spain but very few of them can rival Andalusia in all its glory. Andalusia is recognized as an autonomous community of Spain. The region’s history and culture have been greatly influenced by Romans and Muslims because of their influence in this part of the world at various points in its history. There are many reasons why a journey through this region is essentially a journey through old-world Spain.



Seville is a city which delights the visitors by its traditional character. A number of religious festivals along with traditional dances are a part of the city’s culture. Being a traditional old city, the streets are lined with beautiful architecture from different eras which make the city look like a place from a fairytale at night time. One of the most important architectures in the city is the cathedral which has been converted from the Grand Mosque to perhaps the grandest gothic church in the region. One of the most charming places in Seville which have become the favorite of visitors is the medieval quarter which used to be the Jewish district at one time in the city’s history.Anyone looking to save some money should head over to Groupon for a range of discounts.



Granada has great historical significance and visiting this is a part of the journey through the old Spain. The city lies at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is serviced by the waters of Rio Darro which made it a great place to build a stronghold because of its natural protection by the mountains and the sustenance of life by the river. When the Moors arrived in the 13th century, they built the fortress of Alhambra which is a symbol of their wealth and a feat of their architecture. It remained a Moorish stronghold till the end of the 15th century after which it was taken by the Christian forces.

Along from Alhambra, the old Islamic town of Albaicin district is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural and historical significance. The old district consists of the colorful spice market in the Alcaiceria and a pampering treatment at Hammam Al Andalus, one of the traditional Arab baths. There are other attractive sights to the city such as Renaissance Cathedral along with places like Capilla Real.

The Grand Mosque of Cordoba

Cordoba Grand Mosque

Cordoba was once the center of power for the Moorish Kingdom. The city was the most advanced in its time when the rest of the world’s capitals were still in the dark ages. When you’re in Cordoba, the place you must go and see is the Great Mosque which the UNESCO has recognized as a World Heritage Site. The mosque is surrounded by some highly magnificent Islamic buildings. The city comes to life in the vibrant festival of the Concurso de Patios which takes place every year in the month of May.

Jerez de la Frontera


It is basically an aristocratic town with a high level of sophistication. The town is widely regarded as a center for Andalusian pedigree horses, a fact the town takes great pride in. The town draws droves of visitors on many of its highly attractive horse shows which have been a part of the town’s culture for centuries. The building of the Royal Andalusian Riding School is majestic in its own record which organizes popular shows like ‘How Andalusian Horses Dance.’

Marbella’s Beaches

Marbella beaches

Andalusia is not just important because of its rich history; there are picturesque views unmatched by any other place. The resort of Marbella lies along the Costa del Sol with fantastic whitewashed beaches and promenades which make the city highly attractive. Apart from being just a beach, there are art museums for the lovers of art and some amazing monuments. One can balance his time between taking tours of cultural attractions and spending time sunbathing on the magnificent beaches.

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